Coming June 2022! Faith Unraveled: A Grief Devotional

Faith can unravel during grief and tragedy, leaving a believer feeling disconnected from the faith that is supposed to comfort them. Faith Unraveled is a devotional/journal for those struggling with faith during grief, delving into verses which express the real, the raw, the broken ... and capturing God's compassion in its midst. More information in the "Writing Projects" tab.


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Stories where tragedy and Hope collide.

“There is hope for a tree, if it is cut down … yet at the scent of water it will bud again and put forth shoots like a plant.” Job 14:7-9

Alisha Bozarth lost her husband tragically in a car accident in 2017. She and her two daughters were also in the car. After watching her husband of 13 years fade at the scene, she went to the children’s hospital with her youngest daughter with life threatening injuries. The roof of their van had crushed her skull.

During the time of immense pain and adjustment, God was faithful to provide and brought her daughter through a miraculous recovery. Even the doctors were amazed. Life without her partner and best friend brought many changes, including the question of what she wanted to pursue, since the business they ran together was closed after her husband’s death.

With the idea of bringing realistic long-term widowhood into fiction, and the honest struggle of faith, Alisha set out on a brand new venture. Fiction writing had never been part of her plan. Yet, she knew the power of the written word and had seen the effect a good story could have. Stories can teach lessons, speak truth and encourage wisdom.

After spending years in ministry doing children’s church, music ministry, youth ministry, leading bible studies and pastoring with her late husband, Alisha is trying a new ministry: the ministry of writing. Using her love for teaching and the foundation of God’s word, she weaves stories that encourage, enlighten, strengthen and help build a strong foundation of truth in others’ lives so they may too have its security when life falls apart around them.

With her blogging, she hopes to spread encouragement by sharing her own raw processes of grief and life. (As well as help get her name out there. A necessity for an aspiring author, let’s be real.)

She resides in Bakersfield, California and homeschools her two daughters who are both now teenagers. (Pray for her 🙂 )


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