At the Scent of Water* (A Novel)

Widowhood stole more than just her husband…
After tragedy ravished her orderly world, Abigail’s life and faith stales. And it seems to have wrecked the relationship with her daughter, Josie. As she is forced to rebuild her future, she takes a new job across the country as a Bible teacher for a church-run halfway house. The huge change only seems to increase the chasm with her daughter and increase the doubt in her own faith.

As Abigail struggles to make inroads with the women at the home, they challenge her fragile faith and demand a reckoning of everything she has ever thought. As she seeks to minister to these women, she finds so much more than she was looking for.

Wade runs a ministry for widows. He admires Abigail but has his own shame which weighs him down. As he eases his way into her life, they each have to face the past that haunts them. But will the secret Josie carries break her? When revelations unfold, will they wound Abigail more? Will another fateful day make her run away? And will the most unlikely candidate teach Abigail the biggest lesson of all?

Mother and daughter must trek a journey of hurt and healing. And maybe love will find them along the way. At the Scent of Water reminds us that though heartbreak may forever change us, we are forever in God’s redeeming hand.

Author’s Note: When I started writing this story (my first ever), my goal was to portray realistic widowhood. Long-term grief weaves itself into the fabric of the new, unwanted life my character now has to create. I wanted to show the complexities of grief and how confusing life can be when wading through it. I wanted to highlight the highs and lows of falling in love again after widowhood which aren’t often portrayed well in fiction. Fear, confusion, and feelings of betrayal often plague the griever. The main character, Abigail, was a leader in her church when she tragically lost her husband. The story follows her faith, which flailed like a caught fish, and had to learn to grow again. Her journey of healing is a journey of trust, overcoming fear and learning deep lessons of faith. I hope the story of Abigail and the truths peppered throughout this story are a blessing to you.

*Proposed title. Title may change after a publishing contract takes place.

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