An Echo To Be Heard* (A Novel)

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Nicole heard many times. But was she sorry? Yes. No. Maybe?
Grief can be a brutal tyrant. And complicated relationships produce complicated grief. As Nicole’s dream job is cast at her fingertips, grief muddies the waters. Confusion and bitterness manipulate her soul. When someone from her past reappears, it forces her to face the life she thought she left behind. Or had she? The past looks eerily similar to the present. When revelations threaten to choke her dream, she must decide what controls her life. Or Who. And how does she really feel about the kind customer helping her daughter?
As the echoes of the past beg to be heard, she will find that the echoes of grace are even louder.

Author’s Note: The story of Nicole is a story of complicated grief. When love and hate, relief and guilt, freedom and fear collide into one package called grief, it’s complicated. Widowhood from a healthy relationship is torture. Widowhood from a rocky marriage, I can imagine, is in some ways, is even harder. Human emotions can wreak havoc on the soul. I wanted to portray the many phases grievers often bounce between and sometimes the not-so-great decisions that are made while coping. Forgiveness is a major theme in this book as generational cycles and hurts color the perspective of the characters. I hope Nicole’s journey blesses you as she learns the truth about forgiveness, grace and the power of God’s truth.

*Proposed title by author. Title may change after a publishing contract

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