Bitter Tears: A Grief Devotional (When the Fluffy Stuff Just Doesn’t Cut It)*

What happens when you can’t find comfort in the faith you feel so detached from?
Those of us in grief are often embittered by well-meaning comments; and for Christians, by well-meaning Scriptures tossed our way. For someone struggling with their faith after grief or trauma, victorious, faith-filled, feel-good Scriptures intended to buoy our faith, can actually help drown it.
What if we looked at the portions of scripture that aren’t so faith-filled? These dark, raw, vulnerable portions of Scripture spill the anguish of the people who wrote them. Ironically, they can be a healing balm to help grievers feel acknowledged, validated and understood. Then God’s comfort can penetrate in a new and profound way.
To the heavy-hearted, being understood is one of the greatest comforts. To the struggling Christian, knowing you aren’t alone in your doubts helps you hang on just a bit tighter.

Author’s Note: My deep desire in this project was to meet struggling grievers right where they’re at— which is usually rock bottom. Rock bottom is a great place for God to rebuild. (ask me how I know!) I wanted Scripture to comfort them in a way most people don’t think about. As a pastor’s wife, I struggled with my faith after losing my husband. And most Scriptures tossed my way simply defeated me because I felt so detached from the fluffy, faith-filled message. As I realized I wasn’t alone in this struggle, I embraced the idea that God met even this need of ours in His word. So many Bible “heroes” had severe moments of depression, anger or doubt. I want to let their words speak to the wounded soul.


*Proposed title by author. Titles may change after a publishing contract

1 thought on “Bitter Tears: A Grief Devotional (When the Fluffy Stuff Just Doesn’t Cut It)*

  1. Alisha… I love this idea.


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